Dairy Industry Benefits of ECAS

What are the benefits for my dairy?

Lower Monthly Chemical Cost

A monthly rental fee is charged for the use of the ECAS Generator, professionally installed right on the farm. The rental fee will likely be significantly lower than what you are currently paying for chemicals on a monthly basis.

Simple to Use

The cleaner and sanitizer/disinfectant solutions are dispensed ready to use. No mixing needed.

Safer, More Effective

ECAS solutions are highly efficacious, non-irritating and biodegradable. The saltwater electrolysis method produces solutions on-site and ready to use. Consequently, harsh chemical stabilizers, commonly used in the transport of other chemicals, are not needed. This is especially true for the sanitizer/disinfectant, with its hypochlorous chemistry which is particularly sensitive to travel. Humans and animals are very tolerant of Hypochlorous Acid. The pH is a near neutral 6.5. Safer for cows, humans and the Earth.

Interesting fact: The very same hypochlorous chemistry is produced naturally in the human body; it is hypochlorous acid that white blood cells use to fight infection.

What are the uses?

Our customers find new uses for these versatile chemicals everyday. Here are some of the more popular applications:

  • Pre Teat
  • Post Teat
  • CIP Systems
  • COP Systems
  • Hoof Baths
  • Bottle Wash
  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment, tanks and lines
  • Odor Control